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Petear - paperless meetings

Meeting Participants

In the “Participants” block you can manage participants, individually or per group.
You add participants in the following way:


Click in the block [Participants] behind “Search persons or group” in the input field.
Fill in (part of) the name of the participant.


As you type, Petear will make suggestions for the name you are looking for.When the correct name appears, you do click it. This participant is added.


Now you can assign one or multiple roles. You do this by putting a tick beneath “Manager” or select one of the other roles.
Subsequently, click [Save] You now enter the summary screen of the newly created meeting.

Visual of adding participants

A manager has full control over a meeting. Standard, the person creating the meeting has the manager role. You can assign the role Manager to multiple participants. These persons can modify the details of a meeting. For the roles: chairman, secretary and minutes secretary, there can be only one.


To ensure continuity, always have two managers with a meeting. When one manager gets sick, the other one can take over.

Send messages

With the button [Send message] you can send a message to the participants. Take the following steps:


Click on [Send message]. A new window is opened.
Fill in the subject and the message you do want to send.


Click on [Save]. All participants will receive the message in their mailbox.