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Petear - paperless meetings

Agenda items

A meeting is often guided by an agenda with agenda items.
In this section you manage the agenda items. You create an agenda item in the following way:


Click [My meetings].
Subsequently click the pencil behind the meeting of where you want to create agenda items for.


Click on [+New agenda item]. A new window is opened.

If you have created an agenda item template in the past, you will find a dropdown selection of available templates below the agenda items. To use a template you can click on [Select template], select a template and next click on [+ Apply template]. The contents of the template will now be added to the agenda items. A template can be created in the settings section and is explained in the settings section of the help centre.


Fill in the agenda item and optionally provide an explanation. Click [Save].
The sections Rights and Meeting pieces appear.


If you do not want to change rights or want to add a meeting piece, click [Save].
Click [Save] once again to save the meeting.

Sequence of agenda items

It is possible move an agenda item up or down for a meeting. In the summary view, click the arrows behind the agenda item to move it up or down.

Visual of creating an agenda item

Rights to agendapoints

By default an agenda item is visible for everyone. When you take away rights of an agenda item, also the rights on the underlying meeting pieces are removed. Under “Rights” you can determine who has access to a certain agenda item. To change the accessrights you haveto take the following steps.


Click on the dropdown selector behind "Visibility" and select "Visible for selected participant(s)".
Select below "Not Visible" those participants for whom the agenda has to be visible by clicking on their names.


The names will now be highlighted blue. Click on the arrow pointing right in between the colums to add the selected participants to the visible group. Click [Save] to save the selection.

Sub Agenda items

After creating an agenda item a is shown before the item. To indent and number (or letter) an agenda item, click on .
Click on it again to indent more. To indicate how a sub agenda item should be labeled, a number or a letter. Click [+Options]. This can be indicated per level.

A visual of arranging sub agenda items