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Petear - paperless meetings

Add and share documents

With each agenda item you have the option to add documents.
These documents can be shared with other participants of that meeting.


Click [Meetings], search for the correct meeting and open the meeting.
Click the agenda item where you do want to add documents to.


(At the right is now the window “My documents | Shared documents).
Click here the button [+Add document].


Click in the window “New meeting pieces” [+Add files ]
The explorer will be starte, search in the explorer for the document.


Double click the document (multiple files can be uploaded at the same time).
Click [Add] to really upload the files.


The document has been added. To share the document, click the icon behind the title of the document. If you hover with the mouse over the document, you do see the functionality underneath.


The window “Sharing of documents” is displayed, place a 'tick' behind all participants where you do want to share the document with. (To share with all participants, click “Select all participants”). Next click [Save].

One comment !!

If an agenda item had been made “invisible” for a participant, no documents can be shared for that particular agenda item with that participant.

Read shared documents

If you do want to read documents which have been shared by another participant:


Click on [Meetings], search for the right meeting and open it.
Click the agenda item where a document is located which you do want to open.


(At the right is now a window “My documents | Shared documents).
When no documents are shared, the text “Shared documents” is gray.


Click the tab “Shared documents”, you will see here a summary of all documents which have been shared with you. Next, double click a document to open it.