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How do I log in?

When receive an invitation to a meeting you will find a link in this email. This link will guide you to Petear. Here you can create a password and log in. The email address on which you received the invitation is also your account name. Use this to log in on My Petear the next time you want to log in.

I lost my password, how do I proceed?

Use the link in the invitation email to log in. Once you have used this link you will see the login screen. Here you will find the "forgot password" button, use this to create a new password.

Is my browser supported?

All recent browsers are supported. A list can be found here.

I no longer have my invation e-mail, can I still access the meeting?

If you have thrown away your first invitation e-mail, you can look at the deleted items in your mailbox. The second option is to ask the organizer of the meeting to publish the meeting again. Once this is done you'll get a new email.

If you use Petear frequently, then u can use a previous link or use the login link in the bookmarks of your browser set by your organization.  All your meetings will then appear in Petear.

After filling out my username and password, Petear does not appear?

The most common cause is the cookie blocking by the browser. Go to the browser settings and set the cookie blocking to a lower level. This will most likely ensure that Petear can be opened.
Also, please check your browser version, it is possible that your browser is no longer supported. You can check which browsers  are supported here.



I have no access to the internet, can I still log in to Petear to commit my meetings?

Petear can be used with or without an internet connection. For working offline with Petear please use the Petear App. More information on the Petear App can be found here.

Can I still access my meetings at my holiday destination?

Petear can be used if there is Internet available on the holiday address.

I would like to prepare a meeting, how and where can I do that?

Preparing meetings can be done by clicking the button My meetings. A guide on how to create a meeting can be found here.

I can log in, but there are no meetings displayed.

Petear uses Java. Make sure that your browser is Java supported and that the most recent version installed. You can update here.

I can not open a document in Petear, the loading process does not finish.

Petear uses flash for Internet Explorer 8 and 9. An update can provide the solution, this can be downloaded here