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Petear - paperless meetings


A bookmark is a handy tool to go quickly to a specific page.
You create a bookmark in the following way:


Open a meeting and subsequently an agenda item by clicking it
Open the meeting piece by click the name of the meeting piece.


Click [Browse]. A bar comes down with all the pages of this meeting piece.
Click on the page where you do want to create a bookmark for.


Click the icon of the opened book. A new window appears.
Enter the name of the bookmark and click [Add]. This name is now visible in the overview of the bookmarks.


You can create multiple bookmarks behind each other.
The overview of the pages can be closed by clicking [Browse].

Visual of creating a bookmark


Change or delete a bookmark

You change a bookmark in the following way:


To modify the bookmarks open the document and Click [Bookmarks].
Click the bookmark you want to modify. You are now guided to the page of the bookmark.


Click the icon of an open book. The window of the bookmark on this page appears.
Now you can change the name of the bookmark. Click on [Add] to apply the change.

By clicking [Delete] the bookmark is removed.

Attention! You will not be asked for a confirmation.