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Petear - paperless meetings

Create an actionlist

With a meeting an action list can be created. In an action list an action point can be assigned to a participant.


Click on [My meetings] and successively the meeting where you do want to create an action list for.
Click the part “Action list” the button [Add action]. The window of the action list is now shown.


Add a number behind "actionnumber". Behind “Action” the action to be executed can be entered.
You can assign an action by selecting “Executor” from the drop down list and make a selection from the list with participants.


With the expiration date a date can be selected when the action needs to be executed.
Click [Save] to store the action point.

Copying action points from a different meeting

It is also possible to select an action list form a different meeting to the current meeting.


Click in the action list the button [+copy action point].
Select in the window “Copy action point” the date, the calendar is now shown.


Select in the calendar the date of the meeting where the action point needs to be copied from
(Dates with a meeting are shown in a colored cell).


As soon as a date is selected, the meeting with the available action points is shown.
Select an action point with the right arrow.


The action point is moved to the right column, action points are copied to the action list of the current meeting as soon as [Saved] is selected.


The double arrows make sure that all the available action points of a column are changed.
It is not necessary to select them. Click [Save] to copy the action points.