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Petear - paperless meetings

Basic information

These information is necessary to organize a meeting. Here you indicate where, when and at what time a meeting takes place. You create a meeting in the following way:


Click on [My meetings] and subsequently on [+New meeting]
Now you arrive in the window where you can create a meetings


If you are member of multiple organizations, in the window “New meeting” a field with the title “Organization” appears. Choose here for which organization you do want to create a meeting.


Fill in the field behind “Title” the title of the meeting.
Click on the field behind “Date”. A calender is displayed where a date can be selected.


Fill in the time and location of the meeting. In the information field you can provide additional information.
Click [Save]. The blocks “Participants”, “Agenda points” and "Actionlist" appear.

Representation of Basic information

Change a meeting

With the next steps you can change the set details of a meeting.


In the  summary view [My meetings], click on the pencil behind the meeting you do want to change.
The summary of the meeting will be opened and you can now make changes.


The content of all meetings can be modified.
When done with modifying, click [Save].

Delete a meeting

Delete a meeting in the following way:


In the summary view [My meetings] click the trash bin behind the meeting you do want to delete.
A window pops up with the question: “Are you sure you do want to delete this meeting?”.


Click [Ok].
In the summary view it is now visible that the meeting has been deleted.