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Petear - paperless meetings


In the part documents are the documents which have been added to each agenda item. If you enter the name or the pencil behind the name you open the documents in Petear. If you enter the icon with an arrow down, you can download the document. When you choose to download the document, the file can be saved locally. When you choose to open the file, the file will be opened with your default software, like Adobe acrobat reader.


Petear provides the option to create notes in documents, also called annotations. Creating annotations is explained in “Annotations”. To view existing annotations, you first have to open a document. The next steps are required to open existing annotations:


Click the agenda item and subsequently the name of the documents.
The document is now opened.


At the right is the button bar to create annotations
At the top of the screen are maximum buttons to navigate in the document.

Move through a document


This will bring you back to the overview of agenda items.


In order to browse thru the pages you need to:


Click [Browse]. A bar drops down with an overview of all pages.
Select the page you do want to view.


You are guided immediately to the page in question.
When done browsing, select [Browse] again and the overview bar disappears.


A bookmark is a handy tool to move fast and easy to a predefined page.
The next steps are required to move to a selected bookmark.


Click [Bookmarks]. A new window will open.
This is an overview of all bookmarks in this document.


Select the bookmark of the page you do want to move to.
The bookmark summary will be closed and you will be moved to the page in question.


Summary of created annotations

This is a summary of all notes and memo's in this document.


Click [Notes]. A new window will open
Select the note or memo you do want to view.


The summary is closed and you immediately move to the page where this note is located.
You can read the note block or the memo immediately.