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Petear - paperless meetings

Agenda items

In the summary view of a meeting you do see under the title the agenda items of that meeting. If meeting pieces are added to an agenda item, a number is displayed behind that agenda item. The number displays the number of pieces that have been added. If three pieces are added, there will be a number three behind the agenda item. Behind the title of the meeting are three icons.

  • The icon [Summary lines] brings you back to the view “Next meeting”.

  • The double [lesser-than] sign brings you back to the overview of the meeting.

  • The [Calendar] brings you to an overview of  of your meetings at a specific date.

  • The [Lesser-than sign] takes you to the previous agenda point.

  • The [Greater than sign] takes you to the next agenda point

  • The [Refresh] button refreshes the screen

By click the agenda item, you do return in the summary of that agenda point. This summary is composed from three parts. Information, Meeting pieces and My annotations. All these parts can be bidden by clicking the triangle behind the title. In the information box is additional information related to that specific agenda item.