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Petear - paperless meetings


The note function can be used to make notes on a page in a document. This note is displayed on the page as a little note. Multiple notes can be put on one page.


Open the meeting piece and go to the page where you do want to add a note.
Click the icon of the square with the folded corner. The icon will have a light gray background now.


Click in the document. On the position you do click after creating a note, a notebook is displayed.
The note window will be opened. Beneath “Text” you can make annotations.


Under “Color” you can determine which color the note book will have.
Select the desired color. The selected box will have a dark corner.


Click [Save] when you are finished.
The window closes, now a little note book is in the meeting piece.

Visual of adding a note


Change or delete a note

It is possible to change, delete and move a note.


Open the document in which you want to change a note and go to the page where the note to change is located. Click on the note you want to change. The note window is now opened.


You can now change the text in the note or change the color of the note.
Click on [Save] to complete the change.

Moving the note is done by keeping the mouse button pressed, subsequently you can move the note.

By clicking [Delete] the note is removed.

Attention! No confirmation is asked.